We're not your average track day provider.
We are a team of professional riders, racers, red seal technicians, suspension gurus, and enthusiasts that work together not only on track, but every day at Ignition Motorsports.

Whether you’re new to riding motorcycles, new to track riding or a seasoned racer we will make sure you leave with a smile!

2023 4 PACK PASS


We want you to have as much fun off the bike as on it!  Our track days are all about creating an atmosphere of camaraderie in the pits. Whether you are coming with a large group or by yourself, we guarantee you’ll leave with more friends than you showed up with. If you are new to track days, you will have people happy to lend a hand and give you advice, we all started somewhere and you will find our track day community has as much fun off the track as on it!


- Hydration station at the Track
- Trackside Tire Service
- Inspection of your Gear and Motorcycle Before your Day
- Lunch Available for Purchase
- Professional Experience
- Trackside Red Seal Motorcycle Technicians
- Parts and Gear Stocked at the Track
- Coaching Available



We can’t control the rain gods, but we have purchased only premium dates for 2023 to help mitigate the precipitation! To our friends from the mainland, our back to back days will help minimize your travel expenses and we certainly look forward to seeing you all again in 2023. Please make sure you follow us on social media to learn of new date announcements!

June 17 & 18
July 9 & 10
Aug 13 & 14
Sep 3 & 4

- Full day of Coaching with our lead instructor
- Use of GPS data and video analysis
- Customized to your riding level and goals
- Coffee, Lunch, Drinks and Snacks included
- Detailed Track notes and session breakdown
- Track drive
-VIP pit location

- Lead follow sessions with an experienced instructor
- Detailed track notes and session breakdown
- Get up to speed on a new track or a must for first time trackday riders!


Do not show up with a dirty bike!
Oil – Must be free of leaks – check drain plug, fillers and filter
Chain – The chain and sprockets must be in good condition, lubricated, and properly adjusted
Steering - Must not interfere with cables or fairing -
Proper range of motion
Brakes – Firm brake lever and pedal. Front and rear brakes must be in good working condition.
Pads must have at least 50% life.
Forks/Shock - Forks must have smooth travel and seals without leaks.
Throttle - Properly adjusted and must snap back to the closed position at all bar positions.
Tires – Must be in excellent condition and suitable for track riding.
Lights & Signals – All lenses need to be taped or removed. (turn signals, headlight, taillight)
Mirrors – Must be removed or completely taped over
License Plate – Must be removed
Sliders – Not required but highly recommended
Noise – Must not exceed 95 DB (tested on track)
Show up with your bike ready to go or bring your own tools/tape!

One Piece Leathers
Two Piece Leathers
Textiles that zip together are ok
Back Protector - Required
Chest Protector – Advised
Motorcycle Gloves - Gauntlet Style
Helmet- meet or exceed SNELL 2010 OR ECE R22-05; manufacturer date within 5 years; in excellent condition
Motorcycle Specific Boots that cover the ankle Riders will not be allowed on track until your gear meets these standards.

Not sure about something? Give us a call at the shop (250)510-8844 and one of our experts will run you through the details.
We offer a FREE BIKE AND GEAR inspection anytime before your day. Swing by and one of our red seal technicians will check out your bike.


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2023 4 PACK PASS
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