Ignition Motorsports has been hosting motorcycle track days at VIMC since the circuit opened, six seasons ago. We have a team of motorcycle professionals ready to help you maximize your experience. Whether you’re new to riding motorcycles, new to track riding or a seasoned racer we will make sure you leave with a smile!

Like learning to ride your motorcycle, organizing track days takes experience, and hard work to do well. We aim to improve every time we host a day, always pushing ourselves to create a safer, more enjoyable experience for our riders.

We want you to have as much fun off the bike as on it. Our track days are all about creating an atmosphere of camaraderie in the pits. Whether you are coming with a large group or by yourself, we guarantee you’ll leave with more friends than you showed up with. If you are new to track days, you will have people happy to lend a hand and give you advice, we all started somewhere and you will find our track day community has as much fun off the track as on it!

Location, Location, Location!

Our shop is located just 5 minutes from VIMC. We can’t tell you how often that has come in handy! Whether you forget gloves, boots, a helmet, get a flat tire or wear out your tires (yes, these have all happened) we’ve got your back to make sure you get on track and have a great day!

We offer a FREE bike inspection to everyone coming to our events, take advantage of this, and let our Red Seal Certified techs inspect your bike to make sure you will have a safe day. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a first time trackday rider, we have been where you are. We have a passion for all things motorcycle, and would like nothing more than to listen to your needs and help you set up your bike.


Is a track day for me?

Track riding is not just for racers and fast guys! Riding your motorcycle on a track is a excellent way to safely learn how to become a better rider! We have group that will fit your comfort level and provide a platform to develop you riding skills. Everyone can use the track as a safe way to push yourself to become a better motorcycle rider. 

What is the cost?

A 2021 track day is $365.  There are also package deals! CLICK HERE 

Where is the track day?

Ignition Motorsports hosts the track days at Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit located at 4063 Cowichan Valley Hwy, Duncan, BC

What about coaching?

Yes, we do that!

- Full day of Coaching with our lead instructor
- Use of GPS data and video analysis 
- Customized to your riding level and goals
- Coffee, Lunch, Drinks and Snacks included
- Detailed Track notes and session breakdown 
- Track drive 
- VIP pit location

- Lead follow sessions with an experienced instructor
- Detailed track notes and session breakdown 
- Get up to speed on a new track or a must for first time trackday riders!


Can I reserve my spot?

No, Registration is the only way to ensure you are not disappointed. Space is limited.

Is lunch available?

Yes, lunch is available for purchase. Lunch must be purchased prior to the event, there are no sales on the day of.

What do I need to do to my bike?

Please see our Tech Requirements Page: https://ignitionmotorsports.ca/pages/tech-requirements

What gear do I need to wear?

Please see our Tech Requirements Page: https://ignitionmotorsports.ca/pages/tech-requirements

Which riding group should I be in?

GROUP GREEN – Relaxed pace, Riders new to track riding
GROUP BLUE - Intermediate Track Riders and faster street riders with some track experience
GROUP BLACK - Advanced Riding Environment - Experienced track riders and racers  

We keep a close eye during our days to make sure everyone is in the right group. Our experienced on track team will help place you in a group that suits your comfort level. If you do get moved to a faster group or need a more relaxed pace, know that we always make these decisions to keep everyone safe.  

What if it rains?

We ride rain or shine. Actually, we really enjoy track riding in the rain, it is an excellent way to improve your technique and become a better rider!  We can’t control the rain gods, but we have purchased only premium dates for 2021 to help mitigate the precipitation! 


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