Tech Requirements

Do not show up with a dirty bike!

Oil – Must be free of leaks – check drain plug, fillers and filter
Chain – The chain and sprockets must be in good condition, lubricated, and properly adjusted
Steering - Must not interfere with cables or fairing - Proper range of motion
Brakes – Firm brake lever and pedal. Front and rear brakes must be in good working condition.
Pads must have at least 50% life.
Forks - Forks must have smooth travel and seals without leaks.
Throttle - Properly adjusted and must snap back to the closed position at all bar positions.
Tires – Must be in excellent condition and suitable for track riding.
Lights & Signals –All lenses need to be taped or removed. (turn signals, headlight, taillight)
Mirrors – Must be removed or completely taped over
License Plate – Must be removed
Sliders – Not required but highly recommended
Noise – Must not exceed 95 DB (tested on track)
Tools will not be available at the track to make these adjustments. Show up with your bike
ready to go or bring your own tools/tape.
No refunds will be given if your motorcycle does not meet these standards.

One Piece Leathers
Two Piece Leathers
Textiles that zip together are ok
Back Protector - Required
Chest Protector – Recommended
Motorcycle Gloves - Gauntlet Style
Helmet- meet or exceed SNELL 2010 OR ECE R22-05; manufacturer date within 5 years; in
Excellent condition
Motorcycle Specific Boots that cover the ankle
Riders will not be allowed on track until gear meets these standards.

If you have any questions regarding your motorcycle tech or riding gear please don’t hesitate to call us or stop in to Ignition Motorsports.