Motorcycle Track Days



Ignition Motorsports is excited to be hosting motorcycle track days at Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit. 

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 After purchasing a track day, please fill in the registration form:


What is the cost?

The price for a track day is $349

Where is the track day?

Ignition Motorsports hosts the track days at Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit located at 4063 Cowichan Valley Hwy, Duncan, BC

Can I reserve my spot?

No, Registration is the only way to ensure you are not disappointed. Space is limited.

Is lunch available?

Due to Covid-19 we will not be providing lunch at this time.  We are monitoring the situation closely and if we feel we can safely provide lunch, riders will be notified. 

What do I need to do to my bike?

Please see our Tech Requirements Page:

What gear do I need to wear?

Please see our Tech Requirements Page:

Which riding group should I be in?

GROUP GREEN – Relaxed pace, Riders new to track riding
GROUP BLUE - Intermediate Track Riders and faster street riders with some track experience
GROUP BLACK - Advanced Riding Environment - Experienced track riders and racers

 Is a track day for me?

Track riding is not just for racers and fast guys! Riding your motorcycle on a track is a excellent way to safely learn how to become a better rider! We have group that will fit your comfort level and provide a platform to develop you riding skills. Everyone can use the track as a safe way to push yourself to become a better motorcycle rider.